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White church

White churchI rode my motorbike to Superior, AZ today  for another photo shooting session. I’d been here for the same reason about 15 months ago. I was hoping for a somewhat overcast day. Yesterday, where I live had been surrounded by winter storm clouds, some over the Superior area, but today was disappointingly clear. It makes for very harsh light to shoot in, but I did manage to find a few shots that were worth keeping.

Superior is a former mining town, although there have been rumors of a resurgence. The downtown area seems a little bit more lively compared to my last visit. My friend, Hal, and I walked several blocks, up and down. There isn’t one flat spot in this whole town! Of course that makes sense, because it can’t be a mining town without mountains. You can see them in the background in this photo.

I liked the white church the moment I saw it from the seat of my bike. After I parked the bike downtown, I had to hike around the streets and through a vacant lot to find the church. At first I didn’t like that the white car was parked there, but then I thought it added to the composition.

I will have more photos as the week goes on.


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