Making memorable images

Death Valley

mtns, shadowsDeath Valley, California, USA, is an amazing place. I spent three days there over the weekend, riding my dirt bike and taking in all the wondrous sights. You can’t quite grasp the enormity of the place, and the distance between things, until you ride or drive it. And, it is so difficult to keep your eyes on the road because there are so many landforms and natural marvels to see.

This is my second time experiencing it, and it is impossible to take it all in on short trips. I think it is going to take 10 years or more of these short trips to explore and see all the wonderful places I want to find. As I move past the usual “touristy” things, I will be privileged to find the lesser-known but no less amazing things in remote areas accessible only by 4WD vehicles and dirt bikes.


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