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Stonework house

Stonework house in HDR small

I wanted another shot (pun intended) at this house, so one night last week before we left Alpine, I ran to get the T2i (since I didn’t have it on me at the time).  I shot the images that would be combined to make this HDR image. The reason I wanted to do it in HDR was because I had already shot this house with my little Canon Powershot A1100IS, and I wanted to compare the two. I thought that photo came out well from the little Canon, too.

I have a lot of respect for that little camera. I’ve taken it on almost every single motorcycle ride I’ve gone on in the last year or so, and it is actually the replacement for the first one like it that I had, a Canon Powershot A1000IS. I got the second one not because the camera was worn out, but because my husband and brother-in-law wanted to use it!

Here is the original image from the point-and-shoot. I think I like that photo just as much, but for different reasons.

Stone house small

The HDR shot was taken with my Canon EOS Rebel T2i.


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  1. I like your shots and the review of your working and thoughts on camera gear. You hit the mark on the way I prefer to render HDR – although sometimes going “over the top” with the technique works for a particular subject.

    July 26, 2014 at 5:36 AM