Making memorable images

Autumn leaves, an afterthought

IMG_3053 enhanced 2 small

Autumn is slipping away. I am sad to see it morph into winter, especially since I will have to go north to get to the snow. But, it is only a couple of hours away to ride to it, so I am hoping I will have the opportunity to shoot some snow images this year.

Meanwhile, this image was an afterthought of a different kind. I was at Workman Creek, had put all my cameras away, and was getting geared up to ride the motorbike home. However, this vision of beauty caught my eye, and I got out my point-and-shoot Canon to capture it because I didn’t want to drag out all the cameras again, and then have to re-pack them.

I think this turned out surprisingly well, and I thought I would share it with you. Yesterday, I rode to the Petrified Forest near Holbrook, AZ, and got a few nice images there, which I will share with you soon. It seems that not only do I have to shoot living forest images, I have to shoot ancient, petrified trees as well.  😉


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