Making memorable images

Living in the desert

Shed, house behind it 3826

When I look at this image, it makes me fall into it and imagine living there, in the desert. It is the ideal spot, situated as it is between two mountains, the one behind the structure being like the one shown. The late afternoon sun would be blocked by the mountain to the west, shading the main house in summer at just about the time of day when the occupants have had enough of the sun.

Out here, in the real desert, the night cools to where you might even put on a sweater, even in the summer. I can imagine a cool breeze springing up at dusk, stirring the dust and making the wind chimes on the porch sparkle with their clear ringing sound.

Away from everyone and everything, a million stars shine overhead, and the cacti are silhouetted against their glow. I’d fall asleep in the silence and let the night come alive around me.


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