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Beaver Creek in summer

Beaver Creek 4930 copyright small

Beaver Creek is north of Phoenix, Arizona, USA. Hal and I have visited it a few times, but only in fall. We are usually the only ones there, or one of two or three groups. A few weeks ago, we thought it would be a great idea to visit there, escaping the heat of the valley.

About a thousand other people had the same idea. It made me even stronger in my desire to move to a place where I don’t always want to escape from it. Soon.

The day use area around Beaver Creek was packed. We were barely able to fit into the small parking lot, and then only because we were on our motorcycles. I had the idea to shoot some images, but the surrounding scenery didn’t hold the same appeal as during the beautiful autumn season.

People were everywhere, and I had to shoot fast to get a human-free image. Everyone was talking loudly, or yelling. They were wearing sloppy shorts and t-shirts, and my most hated thing – shower flip flops on their feet. Since when did that get to be footwear that is worn in public??

I quickly had my fill of the spoilage. We got back on our bikes, wove between the edge of the road and a parked pickup truck to get back on the road, and quickly got the heck out of there.

Lesson learned. I won’t go back until fall has worked its magic and restored Beaver Creek to a pretty, quiet place.


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