Making memorable images

A colorful road

FR 203 near Globe 3633 copyright small

I shot this image a few years ago while out on a remote forest road in the Sierra Ancha range, riding my dirt bike. At the time, I thought it was a challenging road, with lots of rocks. There were also many lush sections like this one where water crossed the road. Then the road would exit the vegetation and we’d once again be hanging on the side of a mountain riding in the rough.

At the end of the rough section, we had to climb about a mile straight up through a field of rocks. When I first looked at the climb, it was a “holy crap” moment, but I didn’t stop to look too long. If I had, I might not have even tried to ride it. I did, and made it to the top where I came out on an easy road that took me back to where the car and trailer were parked. It was an awesome day!


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