Making memorable images


Inside – the doors

Inside- the doors 3124 small

Pete would be very disappointed to see how his home has fallen into disrepair. He would probably be most dismayed at how little respect people have for preserving the things that were important to his life in Death Valley.


Homestead front, merge 3123 small

This is Pete’s place, a mining camp out in the middle of Death Valley, California, USA. It doesn’t look like much now, but I think Pete loved living out where life was solitary and uncomplicated. Tomorrow we will go inside.

Mining camp

Path to Pete's 3150 small

The remains of a mining camp in Death Valley, California, USA. There are so many things to appreciate about this unique and beautiful place.

A pleasing shape

Car, side 3155 small

The Buick had a pleasing, aerodynamic shape for back in the day. I don’t understand why people think it’s “funny” to ruin things with bullet holes.


Front of car 3158 small

Out in Death Valley, this once beautiful car deteriorates in the sun. I think it is a ’46 Buick Super, however, it has been vandalized and scavenged almost beyond recognition.


Strata 3097 small

In Death Valley, California, USA, near Stovepipe Wells.

Aguereberry Point

Aguereberry Pt 3078 small

I am back from my annual pilgrimage to Death Valley, riding the dirt bikes, and at last I have some new images to share. This is looking southeast from Aguereberry Point toward the valley floor. Across the valley is Dante’s View.