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Blue patch

Blue patch 3305 small

A patch of blue sky is reflected on the ice of this lake near Flagstaff, Arizona, USA during a snow squall.

La Mina


La Mina, a perfect name for a bar in a mining town, closed down many years ago.

Concrete building


A building of contrasts – wooden door, concrete walls. Harsh smoothness against craggy mountains. Manufactured against natural vegetation. Hard concrete mixed with soft plant life. (P.S., the plants will eventually win.)

Magma Hotel


A few years ago, efforts were underway to salvage the old Magma Hotel in Superior, Arizona.

Weathered cross


The weather has given this cross a patina of strength, the Superstition Mountains behind it have given it deeper context and meaning.

Ornate metalwork


The intricate metalwork on the rail leading from a church to the struggling but faithful community surrounding it.



Superior, Arizona, is a most interesting former mining town. There are endless opportunities to photograph unique things, and as a bonus, the people there are really nice! This is a recently uncovered advertisement on the side of an old building.