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Blue patch

Blue patch 3305 small

A patch of blue sky is reflected on the ice of this lake near Flagstaff, Arizona, USA during a snow squall.

Aguereberry Point

Aguereberry Pt 3078 small

I am back from my annual pilgrimage to Death Valley, riding the dirt bikes, and at last I have some new images to share. This is looking southeast from Aguereberry Point toward the valley floor. Across the valley is Dante’s View.

Desert Rose

desert-rose-0611-smallJust an example of a cool old vehicle, perfectly preserved, languishing in the dry climate of the desert.

San Francisco Peaks

Lake Mary 1266 copyright

The San Francisco Peaks in this image are near Flagstaff, Arizona, USA. I took this in March, right at the edge of winter,  when the colors were especially nice, at least to my eye.

Red sun

Red Sun flower 2025 copyright small

After last night’s post, I had to show you all what the purple alien-looking sunflower looks like now that it has opened! I also found out that it is a variety of sunflower called Red Sun, a very fitting name in my opinion! Very beautiful.

Purple sunflower

Purple sunflower drama 2001 copyright small

Taking a short break from the farm, I had to share with you this dramatic purple sunflower. Until I started growing them, I didn’t think too much about sunflowers and the different varieties that exist. By chance, I found this type, and I think it is beautiful in a unique way. My husband remarked that it really looks like an alien. We’ve often discussed how sunflowers look like aliens before the flowers open, with their spiky aurora-like leaves surrounding the budding flower.

I hope you like this one that will soon open to  regal red and gold.

Tangled tunnel

Tangled tunnel B&W 9203 copyright small

On the farm, the trees and the fence conspire to make this shady lane.